Nikwax TX Direct Spray On 300ml

Nikwax TX Direct Spray On 300ml

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The Nixwax Spray-On TX Direct has been specifically designed to allow you to target selected areas of your clothing or accessories in order to improve water repellency.

Coating each individual fibre with a repellent finish, this spray allows your chosen garment to maintain its breathability for continued and reliable performance even over regular wash and care. Plus, as this spray can be used on both wet and dry fabrics, it removes the need for heat allowing you to avoid using a tumble dryer.

The handy spray bottle design also means you'll not have to worry about wasting products on areas that don't require additional weatherproof protection allowing you get more use from the spray. In order to achieve maximum results, use with the Nikwax Tech Wash and follow with the spray when washing older or well-worn items.

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