Nikwax has been developing waterproofing products since the late 1970s.  They were first at producing a range of water-based products which were not only eco-friendly but also easy to use. Starting with just boots, today Nikwax offer waterproofing products for outdoor clothes and footwear, sleeping bags, ropes and even brushes.

      Nikwax differentiate their products by the bottle cap - 'green is for clean' whilst 'purple is for proof'. You always start by cleaning your clothes, footwear or gear and then applying the waterproofing product.

      The Nikwax TX.10i water-repellent elastomer creates a barrier that not only keeps you dry but also reduces the wear and tear of fabrics. Your shoes or coats can last longer because of the extra lubrication between the fibres.   

      Nikwax's waterproofing is activated easily as you don't need any heat to trigger the water-repellency. You can waterproof garments that cannot be tumble-dried. After waterproofing an item with Nikwax, you should continue maintaining it's waterproofing performance but unlike competitors, Nikwax's solution last several washes before needing to be re-applied. 

      Nikwax Wash and TX Direct are very popular but we also have a variety of other waterproofing solutions by Nikwax. 

      23 products

      23 products