Nikwax Tech Wash and TX Direct Twin Pack

Nikwax Tech Wash and TX Direct Twin Pack

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Nikwax Duo Tech Wash and TX.Direct Wash 300ml

Nikwax TX.Direct Wash-In

Adds Durable Water Repellency and revives breathability - in a washing machine.

The No.1 easy to us, safe, high performance wash in waterproofing for wet weather clothing.


  • Easy and quick to apply at home in a washing machine
  • Maintains breathability
  • Water based, non-flammable and flurocarbon-free
  • Develops full water-repellency without tumble drying

Nikwax Tech Wash

Cleans effectively, reviving breathability and water repellency.

Technical cleaner for waterproof textiles that removes dirt and detergent residues, while revitalising breathability and restoring water repellency.


  • Offers superior cleaning, even at 30°C
  • Freshens and remove odours
  • Revitalises breathability
  • Restores water repellency



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