Nikwax Basefresh 300ml

Nikwax Basefresh 300ml

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Base Fresh effectively deodorises, inhibits the build up of body odours, accelerates drying and improves cooling efficiency of all base layers. Once your base layer has been used a few times and is starting to smell, clean it with a standard detergent in your regular laundry and use Nikwax Base Fresh to deodorise, freshen, soften and enhance drying and cooling. Always apply this product to used base layers, socks, sports kit and travel clothing to keep them in perfect condition.
  • Refreshes base layers by deodorising and maintains freshness by preventing odour build up when in use
  • Enhances and revitalises the wicking properties of base layers
  • Base Fresh treated fabrics are more resistant to stains and day-to-day soiling
  • Allows base layers to be cleaned with standard laundry using conventional detergents, removing the need for a separate wash
  • Allows the use aggressive detergents and cleaners to remove stubborn stains without compromising the performance of base layers


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