Silva Ranger SL Compass

Silva Ranger SL Compass

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Mirror sighting compass

Product description for Silva RANGER SL COMPASS, Black Compasses Unisex

The Ranger SL by SILVA is a mirror sighting compass that is used all over the world.

The DryFlex™ Rubber grip offers easy handling of the compass. The Mirror sighting with sighting hole of this compass gives accurate bearings.

  • DryFlex™ Rubber grip for easy handling of the compass
  • Detachable safety lanyard
  • Map measuring scales mm and inch
  • Mirror sighting with sighting hole giving accurate bearings
  • Luminous markings enables night navigation
  • Mirror sighting
  • Night use
  • Silva 1-2-3
  • Hands free navigation
  • Sunwatch
  • Gradation: 360
  • Resolution: 5
  • Measuring scale: mm
  • Accuracy: 1 degree
  • Durability: 1 meter into wooden floor

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