Paramo Mens Alta III Jacket

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The Alta III is the ideal jacket for all walking activities, including at the highest level.

When walking on tough terrain in cold and wet conditions, you need durable, reliable clothing that will keep you dry and warm. If you are working hard, your jacket also needs quick options to cool you down while on the move.

Functional design, combined with Nikwax Analogy Waterproof fabric, provides optimum comfort, excellent weather protection, warmth and cooling in one efficient jacket.

The durable Alta III Jacket uses Nikwax Analogy Waterproof fabric for directional wet weather protection and sweat control.

Temperature regulation is assured via forward facing arm vents, a two-way front YKK zip, and sleeves designed to expose the forearms for cooling, as these are huge radiators of heat.

Designed for hiking and trekking across various terrains, it has reinforced shoulder and back panels, allowing the user to carry a pack of any size without risk of water ingress in wet weather.

Practical features, including a fully adjustable wire peaked hood, glove-friendly zips and multiple internal and external pockets, ensure protection and functionality on hills and mountains.

The jacket’s ergonomic design guarantees full freedom of movement and its longer cut will protect you, whatever the activity.

How will your Páramo® garment outperform breathable membranes?

Nikwax Analogy fabrics are not only extremely breathable, they are directional too. This means that water, both liquid and vapour, is directed outwards, ensuring your insulation remains protected.

Although breathable membranes allow moisture vapour to pass through them, they do nothing to transport liquid water. Therefore, when the production of sweat exceeds the Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate, or when the external temperatures drop, condensation (the change of water from vapour to liquid) will build up in breathable membranes.

Nikwax Analogy is so durable you could puncture a Páramo waterproof with pins, remove them, and still stay dry in the rain! Unlike coated or membrane-based garments, our directional clothing can be easily repaired, without compromising future performance.

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