Ortlieb Water Bag

Ortlieb Water Bag

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The Ortlieb 2 litre Water-Sack is an ultra lightweight and highly robust alternative to metal or plastic water bottles. When empty, these bags can roll up and will take up hardly any space in luggage, unlike bottles and flasks. Thanks to the strong strap, it's easy to carry, can be rolled up, or hung on a tree or inside a tent to save space. It has a large opening and a dosing valve with an anti-dust cap.

Note: All water bags are suitable for only carrying water (max. temp. 60ºC/140ºF). Do not use with drinks that contain alcohol, sugar or acids. Do not expose drinking water to heat for prolonged periods. Refresh water regularly. Store with the cap open to allow it to dry. Clean the inside with cleaning tablets for dentures. Clean the outside with warm water and a neutral soap. Clean the valve regularly.

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