One Peak Rock [ISBN: 0 903908 91 3]

On Peak Rock [ISBN: 0 903908 91 3]

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The classic selected guide to all Peak District climbing, On Peak Rock covers everything that the occasional visitor to one of the country's finest climbing areas could ever want.  Covering the whole spectrum of grades from classic cliffs to the mightiest E10's, here is one volume to suit all abilities, and all tastes.

Whatever the rock type, whatever the activity, On Peak Rock gets all the classics into one volume.  Including gritstone route and bouldering, traditional limestone and sport climbing, all the incredible diversity of the Peak District is to be found in this book.

The choice of crag is made easy due to the unique chapter groupings.  These include Classic Gritstone and Limestone, Morning Rock, Escape from the Heat, Sport Rock, Winter Warmth, Families and Picnics and even Esoterica.  These groupings will make sure that you are at the right venue at the right time as well as getting you to the places you hadn't thought before.  A lavish range of photographs serve to give a good flavour of the destinations, and superb crag diagrams and route descriptions make finding routes easy once you get there.

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