Mountaincraft and Leadership [ISBN: 1 85060 295 6]

Mountaincraft and Leadership [ISBN: 1 85060 295 6]

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Long recognised as a definitive text by the Mountain Leadership Training Boards of the UK, Mountaincraft and Leadership is an invaluable reference tool for everyone, whether  novice walker or experienced mountain leader, who wishes to venture into and enjoy the British hills in safety.

A vast array of techniques, essential information and useful advice is contained in chapters ranging from Navigation, Campcraft and Expeditions, River Crossings, Mountain Weather and Party Leadership to Snow Avalanches.  The Text is illustrated throughout with step-by-step diagrams, charts and tables.

The third edition is enhanced with chapters on First-Aid and Nutrition- complete with a menu planner for expeditions.  This revision included updated appendices and a completely new chapter on the recent changes to access legislation in Great Britain.

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