Meindl Conditioner & Proofer

Meindl Conditioner & Proofer

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Meindl's Conditioner and Proofer is a useful two-in-one footwear care product designed specifically to protect and condition your nubuck leather boots. This protective spray has been created to repel water and prevent the leather drying out and becoming brittle.

Key Features

  • 2 in 1 conditioner and proofer
  • Repels water
  • Prevents leather drying out or becoming brittle
  • 150ml spray

It is best to proof your boots when they are not quite dry. The pores on the leather are then still open and the waterproofing can penetrate more deeply. Spray onto clean, damp footwear from 10-15cm distance and leave to dry before use. Waterproofing takes around 24 hours to become fully effective. Boots should always be repeatedly waterproofed so that water and dirt can be permanently repelled. Please be aware that leather will also need regular waxing, and you can do this using Meindl Sport Wax

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