Inshore Britain [ISBN: 978 085288906 0]

Inshore Britain [ISBN: 978 085288906 0]

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Inshore Britain is the one book that covers almost everything you need to know when planning a journey by small boat anywhere round Britain's coast.  Designed to provide guidance for sea kayakers, Inshore Britain is not just for circumnavigators, it is even more appropriate for those making day trips in small craft.  Full of sound, practical advice, essential guidance on aspects of safety and with an exhaustive directory of useful information, this is the most comprehensive guide to Britain's inshore waters in one volume.

No one has explored Great Britain's shoreline in such intimate detail as Stuart Fisher.  His commentary is a fascinating read for anyone interested in Britain's long and varied coastline.  Based on a series of articles first published in Canoeist magazine, the coast is divided into 62 sections each dealing with a particular stretch of Britain's coastline.  The text is fully illustrated with coloured mapping and the author's photos.  This is an invaluable resource for anyone venturing out onto Britain's coastal waters.

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