Highlander P.E. Tent Groundsheet 12&

Highlander P.E. Tent Groundsheet 12' x 8'

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Use the Highlander Groundsheet it under your tent to help protect your tent and your gear from mud and damage, and make pitching on damp ground easier. The 100g polyethylene used for these groundsheets is sturdy enough to stand up to regular use, and the durable brass eyelets will make securing your sheet to the ground with pegs quick and easy. It is ideal if your tent has an open floor, an additional, tough groundsheet also adds a valuable layer to tents with a built-in groundsheet.

Using this extra sheet will help to protect your tent floor from sharp rocks, which could damage the material, as well as providing an added layer of protection from ground moisture.

  • 100gs/m_ polyethylene
  • 12'x8'/360cm x 240cm

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