HH Lifa Merino mens base layer leggings

Helly Hansen HH Lifa Merino mens base layer leggings

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LIFA Stay Warm Technology is a unique fibre invented by Helly Hansen and used in our base layers for more than 40 years.  No matter what you are doing, LIFA Baselayers are the perfect first layer to have next to the skin.  Simply put, LIFA pushes moisture away from your skin, so that you can stay warm, dry and comfortable.

LIFA MERINO Baselayers are for extra warmth on cold days.  With a unique 2-in-1 construction, you get the best of two worlds.  The sympathetic LIFA Stay Warm Technology interior pushes away moisture from the skin while maintaining an itch free hand feel.  The 100% Merino Wool extra generates extra warmth while wicking the moisture

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