Glo-Worms Reflective Rope Sleeves

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Protect Your Tent with Glo-Worms

"If you are anything like the team at Glo-Worms (and when it comes to tripping over guy-ropes most people are), you will be fed up with tripping over the guys that become invisible as soon as you have put up your tent. Even the bright yellow ones seem to disappear in an instant.

Tripping or falling over your guy ropes is not only highly embarrassing ( providing great amusement to onlookers) it can at best, send you sprawling with a loss of dignity and at worst, leave you with a fractured wrist and even worse a ruined holiday.

At Glo-Worms they guarantee you will see the brilliant new camping accessory even in low light conditions. They are highly reflective at night - the same material is used on the jackets used by the emergency and roadside services -and their pale grey colour is also very visible during the day. While your sub-conscious seems to ignore the guy-rope itself - the sleeve at the bottom is seen out of the corner of your eye and you naturally avoid them.

How Do They Work?

The Glo-worms are 8cm light-reflective tubes that you simply push the guy rope through. They are the easiest camping accessory to fix. They are very simple to attach, and easy to remove and reuse.

In addition they also help prevent you walking into the tent in the dark and help you find your tent in the dark.

About the Glo-Worms

Highly reflective, top grade material made by 3M. Exceeds the highest brightness requirements (EN471 Level 2) for retro reflective material.
Non-orientation sensitive (can be seen from all angles)
Used on high visibility jackets used by Police, Fire and Roadside emergency services
Tough, weatherproof, permanent
Tear resistant
All packaging recyclable - even the plastic bag!

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