Dermot Somers: Collected Short Stories [ISBN: 1 898573 50 6]

Dermot Somers: Collected Short Stories [ISBN: 1 898573 50 6]

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This collection brings together 23 of Somer's tales, including the acclaimed 'Mountains and Other Ghosts' and 'At the rising of the Moon'. Somers is recognised as one of the finest and most original writers in the mountaineering and travel milieu. He has travelled widely and is an accomplished climber. Though rooted in his native Irish culture, his experiences in the Alps and the Himalaya work their way into his literature, along with themes of legend and myth, politics and religion, life and relationships.

The mountain as a metaphor underpins many of these stories, but the main focus is on the dynamics of human relationships while still drawing energy that can cram a lifetime of sensation into seconds of experience.

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