Campingaz CP250

Campingaz CP250

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A must-have for any camping or caravanning adventures, the CP250 Gas Cartridges from Campingaz are an ultra-reliable and valuable gas choice. Containing 200g of Iso-Butane Mix it burns better at lower temperatures whilst implementing a self sealing system to ensure user safety. Working with most Bistro type cooking systems its the perfect choice for any getaway. Small and lightweight, it is easy to transport. Ideal for camping.
  • Customers must be over 18 years of age to purchase this item
  • Resealable & will provide for disconnection and re-connection even when not empty
  • Can be disconnected from the appliance even when not empty
  • CP250 cartridges are also known as A4 gas cartridges, and are a suitable fit for a wide range of camping gas appliances
  • Suitable for Campingaz Bistro and Festivio stoves.

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