Tilley Beanie Hats


      Tilley have been around for over 40 years and are an exemplary brand in the outdoor industry. Alex Tilley, an avid Canadian sailor, wanted a hat that can suit any weather and adventure but that is durable and stylish. Alex Tilley created the original T3 Tilley hat in 1980 and since then Tilley hats have become an international favourite for outdoor enthusiasts.  

      Tilley hats are come in a variety of textiles such as water-resistant cotton, natural and engineered material. As a Canadian company, Tilly hats are designed locally and produces responsibly. They have a long history of developing and investing in their business in order to continue improving their hats. 

      Tilley LTM5 and LTM6 from the AirFlo range are one of the most popular hats, mostly because of their comfort and good air flow. You can't go wrong with any Tilley hat, they may be slightly pricier but definitely worth the money.  

      Tilley hats are great for golfing, hiking, sailing and other outdoor activities. Tilley hats will protect you from the elements and last for years and years so they are a good investment if you enjoy being out.

      13 products

      13 products