Coleman Propane 453g

Coleman Propane 453g

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100% Propane : A Fuel Without Compromise 100% Propane is more efficient and outperforms Probane/Butane gas mixes at all temperatures.

100% Propane can be used down to -42 , perfect for camping in Spring, Autumn or even Winter when temperatures drop quickly at night.

100% Propane appliances feature the Perfectflow system, an integrated regulator providing consistent performance in cold weather, when fuel is low and in high altitudes, there is no need for additional tubing and a regulator.

100% Propane non-refillable cylinders are light, compact, easy-to-transport and exceptionally efficient, every single gramme of gas in the cylinder can be used.

100% Propane operates large, powerful appliances with ease, coping effortlessly.

Each cylinder contains 453g of propane

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